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Walmart India is a Corrupt Global Predator that uses Child labor, Sweatshops, Information warfare, and predatory pricing.

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Walmart uses Bangladesh Officials as Scapegoats for Slave Deaths

Walmart is a master when it comes to suppressing its own crimes against humanity. With the best lawyers, media and political powers in their pocket, they can perpetually suppress all opposition against them. They skillfully manipulate information about their daylight crimes, and puts the blame on others to suppress their criminal activities.

Through “Indirect Manipulation” they are able to officially claim that they do not own or control the Bangladeshi Sweatshops, when they are the ones profiteering off the manipulative system installed in the country. The free-market system gives the sweatshop owners to completely control the economy, and manipulate the masses as slaves for years to come.

They have great plans for the country as they are going to use the people as their slaves for years to come. They are planning to transfer all of their manufacturing of the cloths of the planet to this country so that they can maximize their profiteering system.

Constant deaths in Bangladesh already shows the true nature of Free-market system, as the people are hopelessly dependent on the system installed all around them.

People have been dying in these Sweatshops for years, and similar incidents of deaths have been happening in the country for over a decade.  In the year, 2010 there was a similar building collapse where hundreds of people died.  History is being repeated as people keep dying in these Sweatshop machine.

When the authorities can be easily controlled by psychological manipulation, the people of the country have absolutely no hope of getting out of the trap that has been set for them by Zealots who have been working towards a Global free-market system. Only the most wealthy will have the power to work in a free-market system where all laws will not exist and the poor will literally be crushed for every dime.

Their helplessness will be used to destroy them as they will see no way out but the trap built for them. The economic trap will keep them barely alive, but eventually they will die a horrid deaths, just like the predecessors. In a never ending black hole of greed of the zealots, people will burn, and these profiteering monsters will never end their evil feeding frenzy.

Walmart Sweatshop Bangladesh Deaths 2010

Walmart Sweatshop Bangladesh Deaths 2010

Tommy Wade

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