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Walmart’s Faded Glory Takes More Lives In Bangladesh

Walmart is yet again caught in the Bangladesh Sweatshop Factory Collapse, again the factory owners are pointed out to be the culprits as Scapegoats. This an age old trick that this corporation along with GAP, Carrefour, Tesco, Metro AG, Disney etc have used to hide their true nature.

Over 220 Bangladeshi Laborers have been found dead, and there are hundreds more being dug out of their factory graves. They are considered to be the cheapest labour in the world because they are specifically put into the worst of conditions. When you do not have to give any kind of security to your slave workforce, then you can pay them as low as possible.

This game of profiteering has been going on for years, and such corporations keep on going because they know the ways of the system which can be easily manipulate. They have the media under control, as well as the laws to suppress all forms of opposition in the world against them.

Also they have a hoard of brands along with them which use the same system of profiteering, as they are all part of the same manipulative force. These brands are controlled by a singular demonic force which uses the cover of Branding to hide their true identities. In the backdrops they enjoy the wealth that has been generated over the deaths of number of people.

There have been deaths in Bangladesh in November 2012, January 2013, and now again the same pattern is seen on 25 April 2013. A number of accidents in a very short period of time shows that the pattern remains the same, and no action has been taken to stop the “Zealous” profiteering of Walmart, and the lot.

They plan to use this country as their slave workforce for the next 25 years, and there are many more brands coming into the country to burn the people alive for their never ending hunger of greed. Clearly, the future of the people of this country is bleak unless the old of such corporations is not destroyed from their very roots.

Walmart Bangladesh Sweatshop Deaths ( 25 April, 2013 )

Walmart Bangladesh Sweatshop Deaths ( 25 April, 2013 )

Tommy Wade

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