Walmart India

Walmart India is a Corrupt Global Predator that uses Child labor, Sweatshops, Information warfare, and predatory pricing.

Facebook Page and Groups

Facebook page:

India Against Corporatocracy

This page is about all the immoral activities committed by fortune 500 companies that is an empire of evil built on the exploitation of the masses. This system of greed was created by the same group of people that has been corrupting the planet for the last 2500 year. This particular group supports each other in their illegal activities as they control the highest positions in justice system which makes their web almost impossible to break. They bribe the people who are in the position of power to continue their onslaught against the common people.

Facebook Groups

1) No Walmart in India

We bring together the people who have become self aware of the threat that is looming over the country over the common people like a vulture. The evil monsters behind this corporation of absolute evil will go to any lengths to create a state of absolute depravity to feed their never ending hunger of gluttony.  They have the financial power to suppress any direct attack towards them, and they have the top government officials in their pocket. They have been lobbying/ Bribing they way into the system, and changing the laws that stop them from completely taking over the retail sector. Once they takeover, then it will be a complete highway robbery of the masses.

2) No Bharti Walmart in India

This is another facebook group that supports the resistance against the forceful invasion of the Indian economy by Corporations that built their system with extreme exploitation of the masses. They feed off the ignorance, and fear of the people to continue their system of exploitation. They do their best to wear down the people in the court of law by purposefully dragging a case for years to break down the will of the people. The sex discrimination lawsuit was the clear example that continued for 10 long years which failed right in the end. This was to show the masses that they cannot fight for justice directly with a corporation that makes billions of dollars every year.

3) Indians Hate Walmart

The facebook group page collects all the people who have been wrong by this corporation, and reveals the crimes that they have been committing over the years. Walmart, and its conglomerate of evil have used psychological warfare along with their financial as well as political power to suppress the masses. This disgusting display of evil has gone long enough, and the time has come to put power back in the hands of the masses.

4) I hate Walmart With A Passion

This is a group of passionate people who make an effort to show the world the hidden truths of corporations like Walmart, that have made it one of their basic rules to exploit the ignorant masses. These corporations use every means at their disposal to manipulate any opposition against them, and destroy their lives with no remorse. They warp the laws that protect life by using their high paid lawyers to find loop holes to continue the system of exploitation. They use unethical means of profiteering, and tax evasion to maximize their value which never belong to them to begin with.

5) Wake up India

This group is dedicated to wake up the masses from the apathy that has prevailed for generations, and the time has come to give people hope towards a better future. Real hope can only be created when “Ignorance” is replaced with the power of knowledge. This is a hard effort to give people deeper truths that has evaded for many years, and now those walls are breaking down as many people make an effort for a change. Yet, there are dark forces that want to suppress the people so they can be enslaved till the end of time. This time the people will not be suppressed because they are moving towards a brighter future that awaits them.

Bharti Walmart India

Bharti Walmart India



Tommy Wade

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1) No Walmart in India

2) No Bharti Walmart in India

3) Indians Hate Walmart

4) I hate Walmart With A Passion

5) Wake up India


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