Walmart India

Walmart India is a Corrupt Global Predator that uses Child labor, Sweatshops, Information warfare, and predatory pricing.

GAP, Walmart Suppress Reforms For Bangladesh SweatShops

GAP, Walmart lead the pack of corporate predators that have placed their Sweatshops in Bangladesh. People have been dying in these so-called factories for over 13 years. Every year people die, they literally burn for the corporation’s profiteering agendas.

Any kind of reforms for these people means that every link in the chain has to be paid more. Better factory conditions means they will be spending millions out of their pocket, but that will be pocket change when compared to the profits they make every years. But no, this is about tapping your resource for every thing they are worth, and more.

Those little people down below have no meaning but to burn for profits. Shoved away on the side by these corporates, they say, we are doing you a favor, who knows how many terrorists they may breed? Well, these corporations are the real terrorists that use the laws, the government, and almost every thing at their disposal to destroy the common man.

Now, the media can be easily manipulated. It is all about manipulating the minds of the masses any way. The best part is that even if the people know the truth, they have no power to do any thing about it. This has been happening for over 13 years, who can stop them right? Wrong, the people do have the power to make a change, but not by letting these corporation exist. The longer they stay in this world, they are threat to all the people in the world.

When they can burn women, and children in Bangladesh for profits, what will your life be worth to them?

You are Worth – Nothing to them.

You are just a resource.

Your future generations will be a resource.

Are you ready to burn? You already are, You just don’t know it yet.

Gap, Walmart Dodge Bangladesh Safety Plan

Gap, Walmart Dodge Bangladesh Safety Plan

Tommy Wade

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