Walmart India

Walmart India is a Corrupt Global Predator that uses Child labor, Sweatshops, Information warfare, and predatory pricing.

Walmart Bangladesh Sweatshop Fire blamed on Bad luck (8 May, 2013)

Yes, We can expect deaths in Bangladesh, Constantly as Corporations like Walmart ensure that the real truth never gets out. When you have a Billion Dollar Con game running, you cannot expect your slaves to be free.

Yet again, there is another “factory” A.K.A Sweatshop fire in Bangladesh, where more than 8 people died as the smoldering acrylic products created large amounts of smoke and poison gas that killed those trying to get away from the flames.

Toll is going to rise.

On 25 April, 2013, the Sweatshop Collapse took over a 1000 lives, and yes we can also expect there will be more.

This is a crime not only against Bangladesh but the world itself, as people keep dying in these Sweatshops specifically built to serve the profiteering agendas of evil corporations like Walmart, GAP, Tesco, etc etc… The list is huge.

Dear Friends,

Its a consortium of evil that is hell bent on destroying lives by cutting corners, and the ones paying the price will be the most poor.

You need to realize, in a bad economy, a cut throat corporation will literally “cut throats” of the most poor countries so their “shares will keep on rising”, and the share holders remain happy as long as they are making money.

This is not about serving the people, NO!

This is about profiteering, At ANY COST!

The Real Cost is Human Lives, including Women, and Children.

They are Cheap Labor Right?

As long As they are not YOUR family, its perfectly fine they burn right!?

The trend remains to be the same, as November fire at the Tazreen factory that killed 11, Factory fire in January, and the building collapse in April 2013.

Deaths of the poorest people in the world is the bright future that has been paved for us all.

The good question would be, Do you enjoy the Costs of Cheap prices?

Walmart Bangladesh Sweatshop Fire ( 8th May, 2013 )

Walmart Bangladesh Sweatshop Fire ( 8th May, 2013 )

Tommy Wade

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