Walmart India

Walmart India is a Corrupt Global Predator that uses Child labor, Sweatshops, Information warfare, and predatory pricing.

Walmart Exists in New York, Manipulated Perception

Walmart is a corporation that has gained its riches by a powerful game of manipulation, and it is more than just a mere wholesale retailer as it is actually used as an Economic weapon. India has seen the effects of this corporation because of the unwanted aggressive expansion in the country.

It is more than clear that enslaved China is used as the workhouse for the world. The mindset of the world has been manipulated in such a manner that China has been turned into the bad guy. The true manipulators in the backdrops are benefiting from all the corruption they are spreading all over the world.

Walmart Media Fraud

Walmart Media Fraud

In the year 2012, there was a chain of articles released in the media that Walmart does not exist in New York which is a complete, and absolute lie.

This is all about manipulating the mindset of the masses, and playing on their ignorance when the manipulators know all the laws that govern this world to get away with their crimes.

When you have money, politicians, highly paid lawyers, power of the mainstream media etc etc etc.. in your hands, then you can perpetually manipulate the world to do your bidding. If you wish to entrap any one into a big bad trap, then it is easily possible.

Walmart’s technique to take over a target area is simple, they converge from outside in.

They target established market where there are many small businesses, and Walmart set’s up shop away from the main areas not only to get the benefit of the low priced land but also to slowly eat away the market by closing in with the passage of time.

This gives them the opportunity to place Sweatshop produced goods in the area, and there will be no one in the area that will be able to compete with the low prices that they bring in. When all the competition is eliminated, then the consumers have absolutely no choice but to depend on their goods alone.

Target, Tesco, Kohl, Metro AG etc are peas of the same pod as they source their goods from the same sweatshops, and they are in cohorts with each other. They pretend to be different brands when they are all controlled by the same entity. This is all about manipulating the market in such a manner that people remain in a state of ignorance, and the real enemy takes over every thing when no one is aware about what is happening around them.

Walmart Supercenter, Albany, NY

Walmart Supercenter, Albany, NY

With an easy Search on Walmart’s Website itself, we can see that there are many stores in NYC in different locations. Yet, they know how to manipulate the media, and the laws at the same time to create a illusion to manipulate the masses.

Andre Russell’s Youtube video – “my Walmart tour in new York” was posted on Aug 13, 2012.

This proves that Walmart already exists in New York, and the articles ( on Sep 16, 2012 ) posing that NY has halted the expansion of this corporation is a complete fraud.

Mind manipulation is the greatest way to suppress the masses, and also to break down people who are doing their best to fight off such corporations. It is all about who lasts the longest in the battle field, and when you have all the resources in the world then the fight is a bit unfair.

But, there is always someone who can see through such manipulation, and have the courage to fight back. It is inevitable.

Tommy Wade

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