Walmart India

Walmart India is a Corrupt Global Predator that uses Child labor, Sweatshops, Information warfare, and predatory pricing.

Walmart Bangladesh Sweatshop Dead Bodies Pile up

For corporations like Walmart that thrives on human suffering, a simple lie in the media is just another PR management routine for their profiteering racket. A simple lie does not hurt the minds of the masses that neither care about what happen to the people in another country, nor that the people have any possible way to help them out any way.

This is a system that has been built in a manner where laws exist, and these laws are constantly manipulated in such a manner that the people down at the bottom of the hierarchy burn as fuel in the corporate machines which are specifically built for getting maximum work done from the people for the least amount of pay.

Equal wages for equal work is a thing of the past as people can be manipulated in such a manner that they have no where else left to go. People become so dependent on the system that they cannot unhook their bodies from it, and they keep on going ahead towards their oblivion.

Deaths happen every year in Bangladesh in Walmart Sweatshops which have been set up to use the people of the country as fodder so evil Zionist Walmart can make its billions, and keep the shareholders happy. The media is nothing but a weapon to be used by these monsters, and hide the deaths of the people that literally have been turned to ashes in their evil corporate machines.

These Sweatshops keep on running even after so many deaths occur, and the people of the country keep coming back because they have nowhere left to go any more. When you have no other choice, and no other options, then you go back to the same hole that at-least gives some money to survive.

Survival is the only thing that such people can think about, but that too is in dim light as people have absolutely no security in such hazardous conditions which have been setup in a manner that they can go up in flames at any time of the year.

Death is just waiting for such people who have to be on their toes all the time, and work 16 hours a day to have a decent meal for their families. A life long struggle to few dollars a month is the only thing that they have going for them. But it is not worth the deaths, and the hardships they have to face.

But then, where else can they go?

Its a trap, a never ending trap which ends with Death.

Walmart Bangladesh Sweatshop slave Deaths

Walmart Bangladesh Sweatshop slave Deaths

Tommy Wade

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