Walmart India

Walmart India is a Corrupt Global Predator that uses Child labor, Sweatshops, Information warfare, and predatory pricing.

Bharti Walmart India – Blatent Deception Continues

Bharti Walmart India created their own probe against the corruption that they are spreading in the first place. Using the very media that they control they make it seem like India has some control over the situation which is an absolute lie. The demonic monstrosity of the corporation continues which they have been spreading all over the planet. Mexico, China, Brazil, Bangladesh, and many other countries are being destroyed by the evil mind behind these corporations which is hell bent on making a profit over the lives of other people. This is a communal war that is being fought to destroy all communities so a single community that is behind all of this putrification of the world can pretend to be the best when they are nothing but parasites feeding on other human beings.

Bharti Walmart India

Bharti Walmart India


Tommy Wade

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