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Walmart India is a Corrupt Global Predator that uses Child labor, Sweatshops, Information warfare, and predatory pricing.

Sam Walton’s Fraudulent Cherokee Indian Ancestry : Tax Fraud

The so-called fortune 500 companies like Bharti Walmart India only rose to the heights that it achieved today is by coercive manipulation of people and the laws that protect their lives at the same time. The “Borg collective” controls the justice system itself which allows them to fight various means to get away with various crimes they commit around the world. They have slick lawyers on their side who are hell bent on finding the loop holes in the laws so that they can get away with numerous crimes they commit. There have been many cases of child slavery by this corporation which was suppressed by paying off a small fine which was negligible compared to the amount of profit they made from the whole slave based system.

Bharti Walmart India

Bharti Walmart India

Mike Duke, the CEO of Wal-Mart has claimed in a latest press release that Sam Walton the “dude” who started Wal-Mart and his family, which controls more than 50% stakes in Wal-Mart, is the descendant of a long lost Red Indian Cherokee tribe.

This is the new scam being run by the dark source of Bharti Walmart India  as they have forced their entry on a whole new lie that the whole cult of zealots have been using to absorb other cultures into the Borg collective. The Zealots use the lie of having Red Indian Cherokee tribe ancestry to not only hide their true identity from the people, but also to gain tax exemptions from the government so they can scam the common man as a whole.

“Yes, we would like to move fast and use the first mover advantage. The best part is we straight away get 12.5% of the market share by default and before these chaps realize their mistake and bring a retrospective law we have to setup shop. As per the current Indian laws Sam Walton’s ancestors were Indians as well as tribals and that’s about it,” said one of the lawyers of Wal-Mart legal department.

It is more than clear that Walmart’s Lawyers clearly are using the loop hole to gain entry into India, and take over the retail business to destroy the lives of millions of people. These monsters do not care for the common people because the only thing that matters to them is money by any means necessary.  The other brand names Tesco, IKEA, and carrefour have entered this country through complete deception who are actually owned by the same group of people who pretend to compete with each other. This is a fraud created to have complete monopoly over the business in an area where nothing else will survive.

Just to be sure that their strategy is full proof, Wal-Mart has already got a Tahsildar to certify that Sam Walton belonged to the Cherokhee community. “All we needed to do was pay Rs.500 to get the attestation. To think of it in the end, the solution was so simple and right in front of us, when in fact we were wasting millions of dollars on these politicians to pass the FDI in retail bill and unnecessarily getting ourselves involved in a potpourri of new scams,” said Robinson in a disgruntled tone.

They themselves proclaimed that they have been paying off bribes to the politicians to allow FDI in India and destroy the lives of the people completely. Bharti Walmart India is going to create poverty at a whole new level when they destroy all the small businesses by bringing in items from china, and the common people will have left nothing of their own. Not only that but they are also going to buy off good quality food to export to European nations which will leave the people of this country even more poor than before.

“And I’m told that in addition to being Indians, we also belong to what they call a Scheduled Tribe so our business will get a lot of tax concessions and guaranteed Government off-take,” she added.

The sudden developments have startled many veterans in retail industry. Companies like Target, Carrefour and Lidl have now setup special teams to find their ancestry, resulting in #whosmydad becoming one of the top trending terms on Twitter. Meanwhile, babus in the Ministry of Finance are frantically trying to figure out whether Cherokhee Indians are OBC, ST or members of a minority community.

The above line shows that they are not only pretending to be Cherokhee to enter the country but also come into the category of OBC category so that they can gain tax concessions on a massive scales. Bharti Walmart India will leave this country with absolutely nothing and they will leave many more people jobless in return. Target, Carrefour, Lidl in India are also on the run to claim Cherokee ancestry so they can gain similar concessions, and destroy this country at a whole new level. They are like a hoard of locusts that will never stop until there is nothing left in their path which is why they have to be destroyed.

Tommy Wade

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