Walmart India

Walmart India is a Corrupt Global Predator that uses Child labor, Sweatshops, Information warfare, and predatory pricing.

Enslaving Women: Class Action Lawsuit

Soul sucking corporation like Walmart India makes its billions by manipulating all the people who are not a part of their “Zealot cult”. The Class action Lawsuit that began in the year 2001 was ruled against the 1 million women that were a part of it. The “Supreme Court of the United States of America” ruled against the women who have been discriminated against, which proves that the justice system is completely controlled by the “Zealots” who are masters of manipulation the laws that protect lives of other people. The party that wins the game is the “Zealot Cult” that built the whole warped system of infinite exploitation, and they feel no remorse in their actions. This proves that the “Zealot cult” is a warped inhumane entity that lacks all the positive aspects of humanity.

Walmart India

Walmart India

The Warped system on which humanity exists today was created by the “Original Terrorist of the Planet”, known as the “Zealots” They are the people who used to think it is “Fashionable” to slit the throats of “Romans” just because they were trying to fight back against their hostile take over their land. The Zealots systematically warped the “Celtic Civilization” into Christianity, so they can weaken their enemy by eliminating their spiritual knowledge. If the enemy is weakened, then they can be enslaved forever by replacing their original spiritual knowledge. They have played this game for generations, and co-opted many countries from within for over 2500 years. They are the same monsters who keep creating lies and deception through every means they have in their possession so their lies can remain buried forever. Walmart India, Tesco, Gap, Macy, H&M, Nike, Carrefour, Starbucks,7-eleven, IKEA and Metro AG are the dark spawn of the “Zealots” who reflect the same warped system of infinite manipulation of all the people connected to their web. You can see them sending out “slick and sneaky messages” like “The system was built that way, and we make every thing”! Basically saying that, “you can never get away from us, or our manipulation”. This is where they are wrong, because if the heart of evil is destroyed, then the whole web breaks.


Walmart India

Walmart India

Walmart India is able to create a massive gap in prices because they get most of their material from China. China was enslaved since the dark rule of “British East India Company”, and they installed “Communism” to suppress spiritual knowledge like “Buddhism” to make the people of China weak. It became a imperial society that is controlled by the center, and all the people of china are used as labor for the manufacturing units that were installed by the “Zealots” in their country. All they have to do is think of a business idea, and use china as their factory unit. They have all the money, and the political connections because they are the ones who created the warped debt based monetary system, and the political system that we have today.


Walmart India

Walmart India

Walmart India creates a web that eliminates small businesses around them, so all the money of the system flows towards them. This shows that they are a void creature of greed, and they must be destroyed completely so the people are set free from their evil web. The “Global Terrorism” of the “Zealots” is on the rise, and they are a real threat to all life on this planet. There is no place in this world that is free from their web of greed, hence they are judged for complete annihilation. Their dark dominion over humanity will come to an end, and they will be punished by the same people that they victimized for generations. Their age old “Divide and Rule” war tactic will not work any more, and the source of all evil will be decimated.

Tommy Wade

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