Walmart India

Walmart India is a Corrupt Global Predator that uses Child labor, Sweatshops, Information warfare, and predatory pricing.

Walmart India Investor: Its a dead business model

Walmart India, Tesco, Starbucks, IKEA, Carrefour and Metro AG are a part of a singular demonic entity that feeds off absolute exploitation of humanity. They have been laying down their evil roots upon humanity for a very long time which has given them the ability to break all laws as they have been the creators of laws for a long time. They do not consider any life important other than their own which is why they feel that it is perfectly alright to exploit people who are not a part of their community.

Walmart India

Walmart India

Walmart India can manipulate information or hack blogs all they want but people will keep coming back harder to cut them down completely. It is inevitable that such a evil monster will not exist for long and their demise is inevitable. Their crimes are huge, and they will not be allowed to exist any further. They have been destroying humanity for a long time, and it is time to pay a heavy price for the atrocities they have committed.

Walmart India

Walmart India

Walmart India will be destroyed for all the global crimes they have committed. They will pay for the deaths that have happened because of their poisonous greed, and they have to get it in their heads that all crimes never go unpunished forever. This dead brand which has no ability to create any thing positive has written its inevitable destruction, and the people of the world will not allow this evil monster to exist any further. It time they face the consequences of their actions, and die.

Walmart India

Walmart India


Tommy Wade

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